Time Knows How Great Love Is

Written by: Maria Elouisa Enerlan
Type of story: I have no idea, but it’s an imaginary story
Date written started: July 19, 2013 (9:10 PM)
Date written finished: July 21, 2013 (10:18 PM)

Hi friends, it’s me Elle. Here I am again. It was 3 years ago when I wrote the same kind of short story. Well, not exactly the same, but almost the same. If you could still remember it was more of an imaginary story that I created on my mind.

Once upon a time in a far away land there was a small island called Paradise where all the feelings live. There was Happiness, who is full of glee and always experienced the joy in life. In the other corner of that island lived Sadness, who never knows how to smile and always filled with so much pain in agony. There was a big castle in the island which was owned by Knowledge, who is capable of knowing everything even to the smallest through the most complicated details about different kinds of things. Last but not the least, there is Love. She is the most beautiful thing ever existed in that island. Everyone adored her because of her precious charms and beauty that captivates all the eyes and heart of everyone living in that island. She lives in a small lovely home near the shore. Love knows nothing, but to love and be loved.

One day, everyone in the island where asked to join the gathering because there will be a big announcement to all the feelings in the island. Everyone thought it was something good, but to their surprised it was something that they least expect it to happen. It was being announced that the island was going to sink to the bottom of the ocean. All the feelings went home and prepared their boats to leave the island in no time, but to everyone’s surprised it was Love was the only one who decided to stay in the island. All of the feelings we’re confused and asked, “Love, why is it that you want to stay? You won’t be able to survive here all by yourself and the island is sinking. If you stayed here longer, eventually you’ll die in vain and no one can help you.” Hearing all those cries from the other feelings, all did Love reply was, “I decided to stay here because I want to preserve this little island we called Paradise until to the very last moment.”

Everyone did not understand what Love wants to happen, so they all decided to leave and go on their own journey. When the island was almost under the water, Love had finally decided that it was time for her to leave the sinking island. She starts looking for someone to ask for help.

Richness with his grand and luxurious ship passed by and Love asked, “Richness, can I come with you on your boat? I need someone to help me get out of this island. Richness answered, “As much as I want you to get in my boat, but I would like apologize for that won’t happen. There is too much silver and gold in my boat and there would be no room for you here.”

Love never gave up and kept on waiting until she saw Vanity who was riding in a beautiful vessel. Love decided to ask Vanity for help and cried out loud, “Vanity, would you please do the honor of helping me get out of this island?” Since, Vanity is conceited and has an excessive admiration especially to her own self - she never let Love get on her boat and said, “Love, I can’t help you. As you can see this boat is perfectly made just for me and look at you, you’re all wet and you will damage all the beautiful things I have in my boat. Farewell, Love.”

Suddenly, Love felt sadness inside of her. She was overwhelmed when she saw Sadness going through her direction. She waved her hand, to get Sadness’ attention because his mind is always set elsewhere and could not think of anything, but feeling sad. Love was screaming out her voice and said, “Sadness! Sadness! Please, let me go with you. I promise not to damage the things you have on your boat.” And because Sadness is suffering from too much pain and grieving in agony, he answered, “Love, I am so sorry, but I just needed to be alone right now. I can’t bear the thought of being around with you when I know that I am holding too much grudges in my own self.”

Love is starting to feel sad and alone while being stuck Paradise. She’s thinking that this could be end of her existence because anytime soon the island will disappear and it will be nowhere to be found. She wanted to swim, so that she could cross the open sea and find an island where she could feel safe. Unfortunately, none of those things will happen because Love does not know how to swim. While sitting there and waiting, Love saw another boat coming. It was Happiness. By then, she felt so happy and jumping with so much joy in her heart. Love was waving her hand and screaming out loud, “Happiness! Happiness! Over here, please take me with you.” But Happiness did not hear that Love was calling out to him because he was filled with so much joy.

Love felt devastated. Suddenly, she breaks down and cried for she is experiencing so much pain inside her heart. She decided to bid farewell to all the feelings for she will never be the same Love like she was before. Love decided to drown herself together with the sinking island and swore that she will never exist. Before she was about to give up her life, she heard a voice saying, “Come Love, I will take you with me. You don’t deserve to experience all of these bad things in life for you are the most precious of all the feelings.” When she finally came back to her consciousness, Love found herself on a new island where she got there safe and sound. Love felt so blessed that an elder saved her life. She was filled with so much joy in her heart that she forgot to ask the elder’s name as the elder went on his way to his journey. It was then Love realized how much she owed the elder her life.

While walking alone in the island, Love found Knowledge and asked him, “Who was it that helped me and saved my life from drowning in that sinking island, Paradise?” Knowledge looked at Love and answered “Love, it was Time who saved your life and brought you into this new island.” To her surprised, she could not describe how she feels and had been wondering and filled with so much joy. Love said, “That’s really strange but deep inside it made me feel grateful, but why did Time help me when no one else would?” Knowledge looked at Love and smile answering her questions with a deep wisdom and sincerity, “Love it is important for you to know that only Time is capable of understanding how great Love is which not everyone of us would. I guess, this would also help you understand that you’re existence is very important, not only to yours alone, but to those who have you in their lives which made them feel important and knows how to value their worth.”

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