Life With Love And Without Love

What is life with love and without love? 

We have our own ups and downs in life; career, studies, families, and etc. "Love life." People involved are expected to be in pain. I guess the very reason why people are scared to take the risk of loving is because they are afraid to take the risk of getting hurt. When you love someone, you are ready to lose a part of yourself - to sacrifice. In making sacrifices that you will experience to be hurt, if a sacrifice doesn't hurt, it is not sacrifice at all. It is called charity. Giving charity to someone is different from giving love. Pitying a person is different from caring. Pity lowers the self-esteem of the person who was being pitied. It makes him/her feel helpless - sometimes even worthless. When a person is loved, he/she feels special. He/she wouldn't feel like a rejected weed in the garden, but a special plant that would blossom in the nurture and love of his lover. Lovers should also be sensible. One must learn how to think, although, thinking may destroy the affairs of the heart, but this would be better than a beautiful life ruined. If you think he/she is worthy of all the love and sacrifices that you can give, then, for heaven's sake; Love him/her! If you think that you see it as the other way around, I guess it's time for you to ponder on things.

Yes, everyone is worthy and capable of loving and being in love - but are you a person worthy of love? Is that person worthy of your love? Maybe it would be better if he or she loved another and you loved another. There are no perfect relationships, but we could bring a happy and good relationship with someone who could love you better. Sometimes we lose people because we love them. 

True love isn't always the right love. Just remember - make a stand! Fight for what you believe in, but always be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.

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