Thougths Of You

Written by: Maria Elouisa E. Enerlan

Maybe I've written this not for you but for myself
For the assurance you're like everybody else
I somehow loved but eventually forgotten
Still know them but it's the feeling I am missing.

Afraid to let you pass by without knowing how
The inspiration you give to me makes me soar high
More than joy itself when you look my way and smile
I am falling, hoping you'll look at me in the eye.

Reasons why I did choose to see you in such a way
You seem to be the person to brighten up my days
Maybe not yesterday but today you surely do
And I hope in this lifetime you'd let me be with you.

Kidding aside, I wish a dream of us together
Walking hand in hand along the beach of forever
Or plainly sitting there with my head on your shoulder
But in truth, I'm loving you in my own little ways.

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