Just The Way You Are

I met a good man who made things happen naturally. I would always call him the Lucky Charm. He is someone I know who possesses an amazing personality and a person who has a big heart. In one of his e-mails, he told me that the song would really suits me is “Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars” which was one of my favorites as well. 


Earlier this afternoon while talking to a good friend of mine, she shared me a link which I really don’t have any clue if what was it all about. To my surprise it was the same song, “Just the Way You Are” played by ThePianoGuys. As I was listening to the version of the song, I fell in love with it. The first thing that comes to my mind was I want this song to be played on my Wedding March – that is if someday I’ll get to walk down the aisle. I don’t know if it’s a mere coincidence, but when I shared the link to another good friend of mine, one thing she told me after listening to the song, she would voluntarily sing this song on my wedding day, haha! It’s weird, but it seems like it is going to happen. I don’t know… only God knows. We’ll see, one day we’ll know if it’s going to happen or not.  If it’s going to happen, then I would call it “Serendipity” where once in a lifetime could happen twice when you least expect it.


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