Meet You In My Dreams

Written by: Maria Elouisa E. Enerlan
Type of story: Out of nowhere, hahaha! (Imaginary)
Date: June 28, 2010 (Monday at 4:15PM)
Song: We’ll Be A Dream (By: We The Kings)

Hi readers,

I’m Maria Elouisa Enerlan, people call me “ELLE”. I’m not a writer, but its one of the things I feel like doing. Whenever I’m in the mood I can write anything under the sun. The reason why I decided to write this story is just for the heck of it. I’m not doing anything at work and I don’t want to feel bored or sleepy sitting in my station and doing nothing. As you can see the dates are in random order because whatever crossed my mind I write it down. The names of the characters in the story don’t exist in real life. I made those names to make the story sound realistic, hahaha! Please read the short story and I hope you’ll like it. (blushing) 

I will meet you in my dreams someday...

DATE: June 28, 2010 – Monday 4:15PM
There was once a girl and a boy. They both live in distant places but lives closer in their dreams. “MEET YOU IN MY DREAMS” is a short story about a girl and a boy who met in their dreams. They communicate and connect with each other in their dreams and that’s how their story started. In their dreams, they swear to each other that no matter what happens they will find one another. When that day comes they will search through the deepest ocean across a thousand miles just to be with each other.

DATE: June 29, 2010 – Tuesday 3:58 PM
About CHLOE, the girl in Earl’s dreams: (England, United Kingdom)
The girl’s name is Chloe Margaret Reinvade. She was born and grew up in England, United Kingdom. Chloe has long brown curly hair. Her skin is fair and eyes are dark brown. Lips are as red as a fresh strawberry. She likes wearing a dress because it makes her feel like a Princess. She’s 8 years old. A sweet and lovely girl. She was her parents dearest little angel. She’s a very lovely girl and loves romance. Chloe believes in the magic of love. She has simple dreams in her life. Been longing to have a happy life and a family she can call her own. This desire of her heart makes her stronger each and everyday of her life. She longs to be with her soul mate, her destiny one day.

About EARL, the boy in Chloe’s dreams: (San Francisco, California USA)
The boy’s name is Earl Thomas Stanford. He was called by the name “EARL”. He is 10 years old. He was born and grew up in San Francisco, California USA. His skin is fair. Eyes were as blue as the ocean waters and his hair is dark brown in color. He is a happy person. He loves adventures and to have fun. He dreams of guiding and fostering a perfect family in a perfect home. He craves the devotion from his future offspring and spouse. In short, he considers himself as the center of a successful domestic unit.

DATE: July 6, 2010 – Tuesday 3:05 PM
One stormy night, Chloe was alone in her room reading a book. It’s her favorite bedtime story book. When she was a little younger her mom used to read her bedtime stories. Now that she’s already 8 years old, she told her mom that she wants to read bedtime stories all by herself. The reason why she wants to read the stories all by herself it’s because she is trying to picture herself as the Princess in the stories she’s reading. Chloe has a creative imagination. She can imagine a lot of wonderful things. It was past her bedtime and she needs to get some sleep. That same night she was dreaming of a boy and she named him Earl Thomas Stanford. She met the boy in the meadow. They played all day long and they had so much fun. He takes her hand and asked her, “When we grow up, I want to be with you, would you allow me to be a part of your heart?” Chloe was blushing and speechless. They are both aware that they are still young but it’s making their heart beats faster. Chloe is starting to like Earl and she believes that he is the one for her. Chloe answered, “I want to be with you too. If you will be a part of my heart, promise me you’ll never break it and keep it whole for the rest of your life?” The boy answered, “Yes, I promise you with all of my heart.” They hugged each other and that’s how they felt love for the first time. Chloe felt strange because everything was just a dream but deep inside her heart she felt that everything seems so real. All she could ever think of is the boy she met in her dreams.

DATE: June 28, 2010 – Monday 10:54 PM
A few months before the boy have to set off to a new place in an island. The girl told him, “I can’t wait to see you someday. If that day comes, are you going to spend the rest of your life with me? Do you want me to be with you?” The boy was so happy to hear that from the girl and without any hesitation he told the girl, “YES! I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I would love you to be with me.” The girl was so happy to hear the boy’s answer. Before they have to bid farewell, the girl ask the boy again, “Are you happy with me?” but she feels worried that maybe the boy isn’t happy being with her. But the boy readily answers the girl’s question, “As long as I keep you happy, you keep me happy.” The girl was relieved with what she heard from the boy. She woke up and starts the day with her heart was full of glee. Everybody noticed her glow and the joy she felt in her heart. The people around her was so glad to see her happy. Day and weeks passed by the girl never had dreams about the boy and she never heard any news from him in her dreams. Suddenly, she felt sad and wanted to cry but kept holding back her emotions. She doesn’t want to cry over to a boy she only met and knew in her dreams. She thinks its very pathetic but deep insider she’s hurting.

DATE: July 1, 2010 – Thursday 3:45PM
In a cold and rainy night, she dreamt of the boy again. Despite, of too much sadness in her heart but in her dreams she was happy. Finally, she heard news from the boy telling her that it was time for him to sail out to the sea and go to the island. All she could ever think of was him and his safety on his journey. The girl told the boy, “On the day of your arrival to the island write me a message and place it inside a magical blue bottle with my name on it. You will find the magical blue bottle on the shore when it is full moon. The magical bottle will find me and I’ll be able to read your message.” The boy said, “Yes, I will do it for you and I will do my best to fulfill the desires of your heart.” The girl was filled with so much happiness and all she could ever think of is the boy. The girl yelled to the boy, “You really swear to me that you’ll do it because I’ll be waiting here for you.”

DATE: July 5, 2010 – Monday 7:11PM
Earl swears to Chloe that he will do all those things as soon as he arrives in the island. The next morning, Chloe keeps thinking of Earl about his promises in her dreams and she can’t wait to have a wonderful dream again. It’s been a month already and she never dreams of Earl. She feels sad and wanted to cry. This time she really cried because she can’t help herself not to cry. There’s too much sadness in her heart that she can no longer endure. She fell asleep from crying. That night she dreamt of Earl and in her dreams she could see his happy and smiling face. Chloe rushed to the shore and found the magical blue bottle. She’s filled with so much joy because Earl never broke his promise. She picks up the magical blue bottle and sat on the shore. She opened the magical blue bottle and found a letter. She was so excited to read the words Earl has written to her. When she opens the letter and started reading it slowly tears fall down from her eyes. The boy in her dreams will always remain a dream. Chloe thinks that everything was just an illusion and it will never come true. False hopes and dreams broke Chloe’s heart. Her heart was shattered into pieces. In her dream, she was lying on the shore crying but in reality she was laying in her bed hugging her pillow. She’s weeping in tears. She woke up from a bad dream. A dream she wasn’t expecting. The next day, Chloe woke up with a broken heart but a smile in her face. She promised herself not to cry anymore. “Everyone deserves to have her own happy ending because even dreams have no endings. One day I will shine in the arms of the boy who knows my worth. A boy who knows how to keep his promise, not only in words but through his actions. My heart maybe broken but my hopes and dreams in love will never die. Everything happens for a reason and that reason comes when you least expect it.”

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