My Happily Ever After or Happily Never After

Written by: Maria Elouisa E. Enerlan
Type of story: I’m not sure yet. I know it’s all about love, hahaha!
Date Started: August 02, 2010 (Monday, 4:25 PM)
Date Finished: August 02, 2010 (Monday, 5:42 PM)


So Close by Jon McLaughlin
Happily Never After by Backstreet Boys
Ever Ever After by Carrie Underwood
Once Upon A Broken Heart by Anne Hathaway

Hi Readers,

Hey! It’s me again. I have this new article or whatever you call it for you to read, hehehe! I guess a lot of things will crossed one’s mind if we’re not doing anything at all. You know the feeling sitting in your station and not doing anything. Instead of getting myself bored, I end up writing this one, hahaha! Hmm, that’s how creative mind works and I belong, hahaha! I hope you like it. Feel free to read this. I have written this not for myself alone but to everyone out there. A lot of people had inspired me and I hope through these words that I share would be an inspiration to you as well.

August 02, 2010 (Monday, 4:25 PM)
Every girl dreams of her own Happily Ever After. I’m just wondering if it really exists. If other girls have it, how come I don’t have it? I guess mine is what they called the Happily Never After. Every time I fall in love with my Prince I end up breaking down and fall into tears with my heart broken into smaller pieces. Sometimes I ask myself what I did wrong. How will I know that the so-called Happily Ever After does exist? Other people would tell you that there’s no such thing as Happy Ever After because we don’t live in fairytales or fairytale land but instead we live in our own lives and experiences. These experiences would draw us to make that Happily Ever After a reality. They would say that each happy ending is a brand new beginning. Maybe because everything starts when two people who were in love are happy. There are no endings in people who were happily in love with each other.
“Happily Ever After” was does this really mean? They say that it is when a girl dreams of her own Happily Ever After. Meet the man of her dreams. They gazed into each other’s eyes. Touch and hold their hands. Heart beats faster a thousand miles. They fall in love and have the sweetest kiss anyone could ever imagine. When their lips touched, it’s like they’re the only people existing on Earth. They feel like they were floating up in the sky and that they were match made in Heaven. The man asks the woman’s hand in marriage. The woman says “YES!” and they get married. That’s it. They now live Happily Ever After. This is the part were everyone says that “Fairytales Do Come True” and everybody believe it’s true.

Happily in love with each other

Does this make a huge difference from “Happily Never After”? I guess it does makes a difference but in what way? Hmm, let me try to figure it out, hahaha! ;p

“Happily Never After” from the word NEVER this means that there was no happy ending. I guess people who were supposed to fall in love eventually fall out of love. They never felt the feeling of everlasting love in the arms of each other so they just decided to end it. In this matter, no one can ever force or ask someone to love us even if how much we love that person. As far as I know, LOVE is not being forced to someone who never felt the feeling of being in love. Think of yourself if you force or push yourself to someone who never had any joy of loving someone like you. No matter how much you love someone and if that person doesn’t have the same feeling as you do then its not love at all. The real love is when two people shared the same feelings and interaction with each other. They gladly tell the whole wide world how lucky they are for having such great and wonderful man or woman in their lives. They don’t bother if what would other people think and say as long as they have each other to hold on to. 

Heart broken into pieces

Hmmm, if one day you’re heading somewhere in “Happily Never After” which is the other way around. Just accept the fact it was never yours to keep. That’s why it’s called “Happily NEVER After” because it wasn’t a happy ending.

Hahaha! I’m so freaking finding EMO here. I wonder who inspired me to write these things. God knows who that person is and I know he’s just out there somewhere. I know that that person knows how grateful I am right now because you make me believe in myself when nobody else did and you’re everything I need to survive. I have high hopes when it comes to love and that is one reason why I NEVER GIVE UP when it comes to LOVE. I know deep inside my heart, one day I’ll have my own “HAPPILY EVER AFTER”. I think one reason why God ask me to wait because it always serves it purpose. I know ONE DAY he will come my way when we’re both ready. One day, is what I always keep holding on. One day, is that very special moment in my life that I know I’ll forever keep it. I hope that ONE DAY and on that day, YOU (the man I’ve been waiting my whole life) will help me recognize you in a heart beat. ~ THE END~

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