My Sweet Candy Love

Written by: Maria Elouisa E. Enerlan
Date written: February 12, 2012 

Nothing is as sweet as you
Oh, my sweet Muskeeter!
Fly with me my Dove to Candy Land 
To a forbidden place where the Skittles meet the rainbow
Lay under the Milky Way with me
We will ride your big Cadbury bike.

Let's gaze at the Starburst together
And share our Hershey Kisses as we Chupa Chups each other's lips
We can melt into the delicious taste of M&M's
Just you and me in this sweet bliss of Fun Dip.

Sweet candies craze
When the moon begins to Twizzler
We will be in each other's arms like Nerds
I never knew how much of a Toblerone you could be
Your heart is as soft and fragile like a Quench Gum.

There are Zero people like you that would melt my heart like a Nestle Crunch
You're my Life Saver in this crazy world
I love all your little Snickers jokes
And your Krackel breath tickles every time you whisper Chuckles in my ears
I always feel safe when you wrap your Butterfingers around me
That is the reason why I always love to hug you like a Gummy Bear.

Delicious chocolate bars craze

You always know how to make me smile and feel Curly Wurly with all your Smarties ways
And I want to share all my Nips to you until we reach the Mars
We Kit Kat together like a Lion Peanut in Macademia
Now and later, I will always be your Tootsie Pop girl forever.

Like Cow Tales in a Cloud Nine
You’re all the Payday I'll ever need
Coz I wouldn't trade you for 100 Grand in 5th Avenue
I will be Forever Yours, my huggable Popsicle man.

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