What I Want The Most Is...

Written by: Maria Elouisa E. Enerlan
Date written: November 18, 2012

I want someone to wake me up early in the morning and bring me to the beach to watch the sunrise.
I want someone to be there for me when no one else could.
I want someone to show me that they care about me in every possible way.
I want someone to be there for the good and bad times.
I want someone to truly see me and know exactly how to understand my own feelings.
I want someone who would appreciate everything I do, even the smallest of all things.
I want someone to miss me and think about me whenever I am not around.
I want someone that I can have a sensible conversation with, all day and all night.
I want someone I can laugh with about life and with some good old stories to share with.
I want someone to caress me all night long and make me feel comfortable every moment we spend together.
I want someone to hold me close throughout the night and make sure that everything would be alright.
I want someone to kiss me like it was always our first kiss.
I want someone to make love to me with all the passion that the whole world could ever imagine.
I want someone who can’t wait to hug me right after being away from each other for a while.
I want someone to know the things that would make me cry and what makes me smile.
I want someone to look into my eyes and see through my soul.
What I want the most is to have someone who would love me as much as I’m willing to love them back for the rest of my days.

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