Merman In The Ocean

Written by: Maria Elouisa E. Enerlan
Date written: December 12, 2012
Time written: 12:50 AM

My sweet and handsome merman swimming in a wide and deep blue ocean,
A simple gesture from his good looks would melt my heart away.
Trying to trace that beautiful smile on his face would captivate me easily,
Talking to him for hours is like an endless journey that would never end.
Hoping that one day he would fill the empty spaces between my fingers as he held my hand,
I looked at him and all I can see is a man born with the strength and power of Poseidon.
Engaging ourselves to a fun and exciting adventure as we explore the vast horizon,
Underneath the heat of the sun that shines upon us sitting next to each other.

Great sense of humor is the best quality he has which gave me giggles every time I laugh,
Roaming together around the city and discovering some new things we never knew ever existed.
An apple of your eye is the best thing to describe him whenever he is just standing in one corner,
Unknowingly, he touched a part of my heart that would never stop from beating even when he is away.  
Xenodochial kind of person that would make everyone around him wants all his attention.

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