The Real Essence Of Love

Written by: Maria Elouisa E. Enerlan
Date written: March 28, 2013

What is the real essence of love? Have you ever asked yourself this simple question about love? Have you ever been in love? Some people may always giggle, laugh, and maybe in an instant sob when asked about this so much abused words. There are like a thousand of things that we could always point out if love is in the brink of the topic. Oftentimes, we would have a blank stare for finding the right answer. It could be the most thrilling, yet, could also be the most painstaking experience anyone could ever have. Let me just say it again why love should be defined in a much higher grounds.

All over the world, people tend to be paranoid of looking for their perfect mate. There are so many men and women walking around the corner and coming out of nowhere searching for the right person for them. Being in this kind of situation is like passing on a very crucial stage of our life. It is hard to find one yet, but even harder to be alone. In case you already found the right person to fill the colors in your once dull and boring life, I would say “Congratulations!”

You always find different ways to keep him at your side at all times, but honestly, it does not end there. In a certain relationship, adversity is always around and befalls along the way, leaving you helpless and in pain. In its most severe level of one’s life, some would breakdown and cry, yet, still love the person wholeheartedly. It may seem ironic, but anyone could always encounter this kind of situation if we love someone so dearly.

We just need to know that there is no assurance to live in an eternal “blissful romance” in this age of time. Even if you have been together for so many years, it is not always a guarantee to bind two people altogether as one. “Love could not be measured in moments of time, but on the timeless moments spent together.”

After so many sleepless nights and painful weeps, you’ll have to move on. In life, we have to learn things in a hard way. In love, we must put aside the pain and then move on with life and try to lift our heads up high. We have to at least pick up the pieces of a broken glass and try to ponder on some important things, so that we would realize what is best for us.

Yes it’s true that love is the most indescribable feeling and it is beyond explanation in this infinite world. If love is in the air, the feeling would be as if there are butterflies in your stomach. You can’t eat, can’t sleep, and sometimes you’re of your “sanity”, but if these feelings fade away - did you ever ask yourself if where will you go or what will you do? Perhaps, we try to stop and think to consider if what will be our reply to the questions asked. If others are always taking the risk to love and be hurt, no one could ever change the fact that it is like a game, one person wins and the other one lose. If one person loses on his journey to love then it’s time for you to learn from your own mistakes and in the end you’ll have to say, “Let’s just charge this experience.” Well, at some point of your life you have learned something out of loving.

Many people had already searched for the true meaning of love. There are many questions that are left unanswered and just want a brilliant answer at the right nick of time. Perhaps, God gave us love for us to learn how to share it with others. Learn to never abuse it and try to avoid misconceptions. No one could ever define it especially if one has never experienced it. One thing for sure, love in its truest sense teaches us to bring it back to God, who is the only supreme being in this world, who is always forgiving of our sins, and is the source of all the goodness in us. If each one of us never fails to remember and love Him, nothing could ever go wrong. No heartaches, no failed relationships, no wars, no chaos, and everything will fall perfectly at the right place because we would certainly know the real essence of love with God's grace.

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