20 Reasons Why It's Sweet To Be Single

1. Unlimited girls night out.

2. No worries that your dinner-mate will move in on your meal after he's inhaled his.

3. Not having to choose whose crisis to fix first your best friend's or boyfriend's.

4. See hotties. Dig hotties. Flirt with hotties. No guilt!

5. Never being referred to as someone's "girl."

6. No twiddling your thumbs while your guy wraps up "just one more round" of Street Fighter.

7. A road trip sounds fun... and you've thought about life-guarding... and then there's the local theater troupe. You can go for it all! Your time is yours alone.

8. No hours spend scouring the mall for that perfect birthday gift for him.

9. You can wear your most gooey lip gloss and never hear the words "Ewww - I've been slimed!"

10. You're free to ear all the cookie dough you want - no need to bake the goodies for a boy.

11. Seeing a sappy chick flick without the threat of having to sit through an alien movie next week. Plus, more popcorn for you!

12. Saying bye-bye to post-smooch stubble bum.

13. You don't have to warn anyone not to wear the BOWL NAKED T-shirt when you invite them to meet your parents.

14. It doesn't matter if you scarf down a dozen bowls of shrimp scampi and ten loaves of garlic bread for dinner - you won't be slaying a BF with your dragon breath.

15. Total remove control! (Forget about SportsCenter - it's Felicity time!)

16. Not having to pretend you enjoy hanging out with this doofus buds who crack crude jokes and make fart sounds with their armpits.

17. Cute, flirty tank tops can be part of your wardrobe without your man's getting all freaky because other guys are checking you out.

18. Never having to say, "Thank you so much for that Play Station game. It uh, really made my birthday," and pretend you mean it.

19. You can cry at those "fabric of our lives" cotton commercials without having to deal with merciless teasing over your sensitive side.

20. We've got one more word for you: INDEPENDENCE.

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