Preventing Hangovers

Drinking is almost a MUST in every occasion. Parties and events are not complete without a booze to keep the party more lively and, uhm, interesting. In the morning after bring heartaches, or gas pains, or all those strange dizzy feeling or as you call is as “HANGOVER”.

If you hate hangovers, the best piece of advice is DON’T GET DRUNK. Just as the same, here are some tips on how to tone down hangovers and still enjoy drinking.

1. Don’t keep up with boys. The first tip is for the ladies. Women do not have the same tolerance for alcohol that men do, even when they are having the same size. Don’t try to keep up with your male friends, especially if you doubt that you can. A drink is defined as one mix drink, 4 oz of wine, or 12 oz of beer. A “half drink” is a light beer or a wine cooler.

2. Drink clear alcohol. Dark alcohol tends to contain a substance called congeners. These types of alcohol are more likely to cause hangovers symptoms. White wines, vodkas, light rum is an example of clear alcohol. Red wine, dark rum, sherry, brandy is high in congeners. Beer is in between, mostly, depending on how dark it is. This difference has no effect on how drunk you can get, only the likelihood and severity of hangovers.

3. Eat before you drink. This is common sense. Eat something before and during alcohol consumption. This slows down the absorption of alcohol. Fats and carbohydrates are best for slow absorption.  Sugar intake prevents hangovers. Cakes and pastries are the party food that has lots of all three.

4. The H2O thing. Dehydration is a big part of hangovers. Dehydration causes headache and dry mouth. Combat it while you are drinking. Drink water in between beers or whatever you’re gulping. Avoid coffee and sodas.

5. Think about how fattening getting drunk is. Six alcohol drink, 2 brownies, and 4 sugars based drinks – a whooping 2100 calories. Will your social life improve by becoming a fat, drunk slob?

In case you fail to heed advice and woke up with a terrible hangover after a night of flooding booze, all you have to do is drink lots of water or take Mefenamic Acid for the headache and body pains. Then take the rest of the day off and stay in bed. If that causes you your job, well that’s the price you pay for drinking more than you can handle.


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