The Flirting Game

It was a warm, sunny day fit for a stroll in the park. Among the crowd moving to and fro you caught someone’s eye. With a slight hesitation you smiled at him and by some miracle he smiled back. You were certain you haven’t met him before, but he seems nice and friendly. Should you:

a.) Approach him and introduce yourself?
b.) Wait for him to make the first move?
c.) Watch him walk away, still a stranger to you.

It is a dilemma indeed, but with enough courage and confidence you just might win a friend or even more than that. To make the long story short, go ahead… FLIRT!

Flirting is toying with the idea of making new acquaintances and taking chances for it, but it’s not as easy as it sounds though. It takes more than just batting your eyelashes at someone to perfect the art of flirting. It’s in fact an attitude that can either be natural or cultivated with practice.

Some people are blessed to be natural-born flirts, but anyone can be flirtatious with practice and tons of self-confidence. In the flirting arena, as compared to a dating game - it has the one flirting and the person to be flirted with.

Sending the right signals
Flirting begins by transmitting the right signals that you are flirting or you want to flirted on. A smile and eye contact both constitutes a signal. Once this is established then make yourself approachable by separating yourself from a bunch of friends, if you have company. The person who is flirting would feel more comfortable in approaching you without having to deal with any of your companions whom he’s not particularly interested at the moment.

Don’t forget to drop the bombshell on everyone and just make the first move! Most men would love to be approached by a woman because it eliminates the possibility of being rejected and shows just how confident she is just by doing so. Besides, in this day and age where double standard is being levelled out, women should also do their share of asking. It will give women an opportunity to experience what men have to go through when making the first move. Perhaps, after such a daring move, women have second thoughts in rejecting a guy’s attention.

Motivate and be motivated
You can motivate flirting by using clever and unusual props. Props would be anything you wear or bring that is eye-catching and would make a very good subject for a light conversation. For example: a shirt with funny or kinky prints, or a cute and funny dog, and interesting book or even your chubby, inquisitive little brother.

Starting a conversation would be easy if you have something in common to talk about. It is up to the one flirting to recognize such props and start from there.

Be positive, be interesting, be you
Show your enthusiasm when flirting. Make the person you’re flirting with feel good about her own self by letting her know you are very much interested in her and would very much like to have her as a friend. Don’t do a litany of your autobiography, instead, try and find out more about her. Most people would be flattered when you show interest in them. And when the person you’re flirting with returns the favor by inquiring about you – be honest and genuine. Don’t pretend you’re someone else. One way or another she will find out exactly who you are and all your efforts in gaining a friend would go drowned the drain.

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