Simple Signs That A Guy Likes You

The guy might act kind of strange and fidget around you, but nobody else does. It probably means he likes you, but does not know how to say it! I think the most obvious signs a guy likes you is when he says the dumbest things just to keep talking. Guys are doing these things when they like a girl, but they don’t want to admit that they do because they believe that they’ll be laugh at. Also, if a guy tries to hold your hand or starts talking dirty as a joke it’s totally obvious.

A.) One of the most obvious signs that a guy likes you is that he will just always stare at you even if they don't know you. They will just stare at you from a distance hoping that you will notice them. Most likely a guy will just stare at you a lot of the times and when you look at his way he just stops looking at you until you look away.

He will always ask only you for stuff they really don't need. Just so that they can get your attention or he just wants a small talk or even make you laugh!

I think that when a guy likes you, you will notice them that they’re always staring at you. They keep on looking at you until they notice you’re looking at their direction, so they know that somehow you’re interested. At least, I also think when a guy calls you at random times or calls you a few times in a day just to say “HI”, means that he is interested. It also makes you feel good and I think it’s the sweetest thing.

B.) When a guy likes to play around a lot and glance his eyes at you a lot even when you’re looking. He makes up nicknames and picks on you for fun because he knows it will be a funny joke and not serious to make you mad. When you’re angry he will feel sad for you and tell you he's sorry if he bothers you. They also will take up for you.


Well, guys should stop being stereotypes since not everyone is going to make dirty jokes or try to hold your hand. I think as a girl the biggest thing you should look for in a guy is when he knows how to show some respect and that he is nice to you. Other than that, what else would you want from a guy in the first place?

C.) I think if a guy likes you he'll be touchy-feely or he would like to keep "accidentally" bumping into you just to touch you. They would like to play stupid when he's around you looking like a fool, but what he really wants is to impress you. Guys would also act hard to be mature when they’re around a girl they like or being over protective of you. You'll know that a guy likes you if he starts following you wherever you go and always making an eye contact.

He'll find any way possible to glance at you three times a day or stare at you a lot. If you ever catch him in the act he might look into your eyes so deep (if he's not shy) and other times he'll turn away until you stop looking at him, but if you try to look at the corner of your eyes you will find him taking another glance at you again. He looks at you a lot of times and then turns away quickly or when he looks down then that is a good sign. His pupils dilate when he talks to you and he seems to be hanging on to every word he says.

D.) You will know that a guy likes you when he loves to play with your hair and really annoys you that much. He'll use any sort of excuse just to touch you. Like if you're wearing a necklace, he'll move closer and try to grab it and say, "Look at the necklace." Or in any way he'll play with a tie on your shirt or a ring. He’ll do anything possible just to get close to you (but this could also mean in a different kind of way, so basically this is not always true because there are married men with kids who does the same thing and would randomly come up to you and like to touch your shoulder and etc. They may seem to be doing it a friendly way of saying “HI” and not more on “I want to be more than friends with you” kind of thing and you might misinterpret in a way that maybe it’s just the kind of person he is.

E.) A guy likes you if he would play fights with you. When he's talking to you he'll touch your arm or put his hand on your shoulder. He always makes eye contact with you even when you're not talking he'll just look at you and smile and he just can't stop smiling. He might also say stupid things to keep the conversation going and would try to tease you playfully. For instance, if you're going to the movies he'll choose a scary movie over a comedy or anything else because scary movies are an excuse to cuddle especially when girls are scared.

One sure fire that you can tell if a guy likes you or not is if you are in a bad mood he will try anything to make you smile. Also, he will try and get close to you even more even when you are crowds away. Or at least he will try and catch your eye.

F.) This is also interesting because if a guy likes you, he'll act nervous around you sometimes or always try to be around you. He might act slightly jealous when you're talking to someone or talking about another guy and then he'll want to know ALL about him, so he can try and work out if he's got a competition. One thing is for sure about the whole teasing and play fighting thing, and if he accidentally hurts you or annoys you then he'll be really sorry and use it as an excuse to get a hug from you.

Overall, he'll be nice to you and make you feel good at all times. I think one of the ways that guys do show us they like us is when they try to be mean to us. Like for some cases that they just want to make some arguments for no reason at all. They tend to act like little kids and be mean. Although, that is frustrating but there are some guys who just can’t admit the fact that they like the girl. They will also pretend to have a fight with you by pushing you or teasing you. If the guy makes you upset, he will try his best to comfort you and try to get a hug out of it (again, physical contact).

G.) I think a guy likes you if he comes up to you and even though he doesn't sit close to you every day. When you’re in a group his attention is almost always on you (For example: He says “HI” to you first then to everyone else or he doesn't even say anything at all. Or if he realizes that he's been focusing all his attention on you and then he would quickly say something to someone else just to cover it up).

If a guy really likes you he will gaze at you until you look his way, and then he'll either quickly turn away or smile at you (it depends on whether he's shy or not). Also, he'll always be looking for excuses to get closer to you or be where you are. It'll be pretty obvious. Trust me, when he does these things you'll know that he likes you.

We should always remember that NOT EVERY GUY IS THE SAME BECAUSE EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT WAYS OF SHOWING THEIR FEELINGS. One might fetch things or carry things for you, sit with you at lunch, or laugh at your jokes. My advice is DO NOT make a PRO-CON list out of it, if you know a guy likes you or not. I know, this would sound stereotypical, but NEVER EVER ASK A GUY OUT for a date!!! You could give him some sure fire gestures to let him know you like him, but DON’T ASK HIM OUT because that gives him way too much of an EGO BOOST. Letting him know what you feel and for him to take it from there is already enough. There is one thing that you should know that a worst thing any girl would do to a guy is to change the way he is. That goes the same way to guys when they try to change for some dumb girl.

H.) If a guy likes you, he will show interests with your interests. He will not compliment you to your face as much as he does to your friends. He will always want you to make the first move – you could be a bit bold or daring and put yourself out there. You could show him your true worth, by showing a bit of self confidence. In turn, he will become confident enough to ask you out.

Well, if you tell a guy you like him and he says he just likes you as a friend then that could mean two things: 1.) He could just be shy or surprised and not want to admit it because he's embarrassed. One way to tell is that he stills sometimes hangs around you. He may joke around and say positive and negative things about himself. That means he just wants to impress you or get your attention. 2.) He could NOT really like you. If you really think so then most likely you’ll know. He wouldn’t pay much attention to you. He may say “HI” a few times and he may also be friendly to you, but not being over friendly.

All guys are different and you never know what they are thinking. Guys are strange and sometimes they could be absurd. Just but follow your heart and you may find Mr. Right. If he likes you then he gives you special attention. When you talk, he just gazes into your eyes, takes special interest in you and the little things that matters to you. He would also give you the utmost respect and looks at you after everything he says to see how you react, but when you look at him, he looks away smiling. He'll try to show off his physical strength by lifting something or someone heavy and then looks at you to see if he impressed you. Also, he'll try to defend you when someone makes fun of you.

Listen to you your instinct and you'll know if he likes you. A guy does NOT like you if he is mean to you. I don't mean like making jokes about your height or something like that. Instead, he is being rude and disrespectful towards you. If you can think of three reasons not to do something, don't do it. It works the same with guys: Make a list of all the things you like and dislike about him. 

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