Groom's Wedding Day Survival Kit

If all brides are experiencing much excitement as their wedding day is approaching, this goes the same way for all grooms. Make sure you prevent to unleash the "Groomzilla" on your big day by providing his very own WEDDING SURVIVAL KIT. Grooms might think that they don't need the kit until wedding disaster strikes. Having this personal and practical collection could help any guy tie the knot with so much composure and great confidence that everything will be alright.

Here's the list of items that every groom needs to have to make his big day a memorable and worry-free one.

Cellphone and Charger (make sure it's turned off during the ceremony and reception)
Driver's License and Credit Card(s)
Money (small bills and coins) for tips and miscellaneous payments because you never know what you'll need it for
Wedding Rings (to be given to the best man for safekeeping)
Wedding License (and pen)
Payment Envelopes (for wedding vendors, officiating priest, and etc.)

Dark dress socks to match suits or tuxedo (extra one or two pairs)
Extra shirt buttons (white) and thread that matches shirt
Ironed (and clean) white handkerchief
Lint Brush
Sewing Kit (needle, "invisible" and coloured thread that matches suits or tuxedo, thimble, scissors)
Shoe Shining Kit (polis, brush, shining cloth)
Shoe Laces (extra pair)
Spot Remover
Wrinkle out Spray

Aspiring or Ibuprofen (for headache remedy)
Antacid (for stomach relief remedy)
Allergy Medication
Prescription Drugs
Glasses or Eye Drops
Contact Lens solution and extra pair of contact lenses (if required)
Comb or Hair Brush
Styling Gel for hair
Band Aids
Adhesive bandages/moleskin clothe (for blisters and cuts) - break in your shoes on your wedding day
Breathe Mints
Mouthwash or Mouth Spray
Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Dental Floss
Cologne or Perfume (travel size)
Shaving Kit (mustache or beard trimmer)
Lotion or Moisturizing Cream
Moist Towelettes
Insect Repellent (if holding the ceremony and/or reception outdoors)

Bottled Water
Favourite Energy Snack
Emergency phone or cellphone numbers (bridal party and service providers or vendors)
Umbrella or raincoat (for inclement weather)
Groom's Wedding Thank You Speech
Groom's copy of wedding vows

Charge or Disposable Camera
Duct Tape (good foray handy repairs
Extra copies of direction to the reception
Notebook and pens
Portable Flashlights
Lighter or Matches
Hot Glue Gun
Extra Glue Sticks
Rubber Bands
Ear Plugs
Whiteout or Highlighter
Eyeglasses Repair Kit
Tape Measure

Unexpected things happen s when you least expect in the most unexpected places, so it is better to be well-prepared in any big events such as your own wedding day.

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