The Difference Between Wedding and Marriage

Most of us believe that a wedding and marriage are the same, but what we don't realize that they are two different things. To fully understand the difference between the two, let's try to elaborate the definition between a wedding and a marriage.

What is Wedding?

The newlywed couple after the wedding ceremony
A wedding is the act, ceremony, or event of getting married. Two people are involved in a wedding who made a vow of spending the rest of their lives together in marriage. Usually weddings last for a few hours. Mostly, weddings are a celebration of love and partnership which could be done through religious or legal act. 

We should also realize that a wedding is not just a ceremony of union between two people who are getting married, but it is also a way of the couple to show their gratitude towards their family and friends for supporting and loving them.

Nowadays, most of the weddings had become a big social event especially to the family who wants to show their financial status in the society. Others would spend thousands or millions just to have the dream wedding they want. Also, a lot of people are making good businesses because of weddings, knowing that most bride-to-be wants to have a grand dream wedding.

Well, if you are a bride-to-be and wants to have a memorable and meaningful wedding not only to you and your husband-to-be, but also to the people who will be a part of your special day which includes your family and friends. Try to plan your own wedding and be more creative with the things that you want and with your fiancĂ© as well. I know it will be confusing and could be more stressful because there are too many things to consider, but if you what you want then plan it and try to imagine yourself being in the scene when you're making plans for your big day. In the end, you'll be proud enough to tell the world that, "Hey, this is my wedding. My husband and I plan it and we made it happen, just the way we want it to be."

I am getting married soon, my husband-to-be and I we're both hands on with planning our wedding together. I am proud to say that I am extremely happy, because we were able to share and bond together as we go along with the process. Plan your future together with your fiancĂ© or your lifetime partner, because it is a lot of fun and aside from that you are both building a much stronger foundation in your relationship.

What is Marriage?

Frank and Anita Milford, Britain's oldest married couple
A marriage is a formal union of a man and woman that is recognized by the law in which they become husband and wife. It is also a long term or a lifelong relationship between two individuals that could only be dissolve by divorce or death of a spouse. 

We should all know that the decision to marry or to get married to the person you love is a commitment that last for a lifetime. Marriage is not something that we consider as a kind of relationship like boyfriend and girlfriend, that if things get sour you want to break up or get out of the relationship. The decision to get married is not done by only one person, but it comes from both individual who bound themselves to commit in this union as husband and wife in the eyes of God, their parents, families, and friends. In marriage, you have vowed yourself to your partner that you will be there for them in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer you will be with each other hand and hand. If you want to get married, marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with to share and build wonderful memories as you grow old together.

Don't just get married because everyone else is doing it and you feel so alone and left out. You get married because you are ready to share your life to someone for the rest of your days and to build a beautiful family of you own.

If you are not ready to settle down, you don't have to do it. Or else, you'll be living a miserable and unhappy life. That doesn't mean if you didn't choose to get married you will be along for the rest of your life. NO. You still have your family and friends who will always be there for you and love you dearly.

Most of us, we mistake marriage as a wedding and vice versa. I hope by reading this, it will give you an idea or should I say a better understanding about the difference between a wedding and marriage. The only thing I can say is that marry the person who makes you heart beat a thousand miles, that one person who makes you feel complete and brings out the best in you. That one person who loves you unconditionally and accepts you for who you are and what you will be. You will all know this in your heart that the person you choose will be your lover and best friend for life.

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