Wedding Guest Etiquette #7 - Trying to Accessorize

DON'T wear a tiara

You wouldn't think that we have to mention this one, but you'd be surprised by what attention-seeking guests have tried to pull off. We'll just have to say it plainly, DO NOT, under any circumstances wear a tiara or a white veil, even if it's a birdcage veil to any wedding other your own.

Of course, this rule extends to crowns, ornamental headbands, or anything else that could be mistaken for a tiara, or any other headpiece the bride may choose to wear. Not only it is disrespectful to the bride, but it will make you look desperate and ridiculous. Especially if your headpiece reaches into a royal headpiece territory that's inches high, I should say opt out for the wedding because it can hinder photos at the very least.

DON'T wear sparkly accessories

Again, I know you wouldn't think that there's a need to say about this, but it should be. Don't wear an influx or bridal jewelry. I am talking about loads of sparkle, dangling formal jewelry to any celebration that is below black tie dress code.

DO stay away from business accessories

As a guest, we would also like to advise you to stay away from wearing any business accessories especially when you are attending a formal occasion such as weddings. Do trade the giant bags or briefcases for a clutch bag that would look more appropriate to the occasion. As mush as possible, don't wear any scarves that would scream, "I belong in Cubicle No. 4!"

DON'T wear something loud and garish

People are there to look at the bride, not your obnoxious hat, dress, purse, shoes, and eye shadow. Putting on loud or garish apparel and accessories is surprisingly a common method of wedding-crashing women use to upstage the bride. You outlandish choices might not be directly comparable to the bride's traditional white garb, but to everyone - including the new Mrs. - will likely take it as a sign of extremely poor taste or a desperate call for attention. You'll get people talking about you, and probably you wouldn't like what they have to say.

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