Why Choose A Filipino Lady

Traditional Filipino Wedding

1. Men traditionally shoulder wedding expenses. Only highly educated Filipino ladies would offer to share the cost, especially if most of the guest are from her side of the family.

2. Filipino women are naturally romantic.

3. In the old days, courtship is expressed though "Harana" (a traditional way of courtship expressing their feelings and emotions through singing).

4. Husbands are providers while wives are meant to stay home to keep the family in order and look after the children.

5. Philippines practices "Patriarchal" from the society (where men are more dominating than women).

6. Philippines does not have "Absolute Divorce". Only "Relative Divorce" in a form of "Legal Separation (husband and wife are only separated from bed and board but marriage remains in full force).

7. Filipino women are domesticated and submissive by nature. They are more willing to sacrifice career than a family.

The traditional Filipino courtship "HARANA"
8. Filipinos are polite and generous.

9. Filipino families keep elderly (such as grandparents) instead of sending them to an institution.

10. Filipino families have regard for dignity, integrity, respect and honor.

11. Don't call your girlfriend's parents by their first name because it shows a lack of respect. Call them AUNTIE or UNCLE, or in Filipino "TITA and TITO".

12. Romance is very important to ladies - send flowers, cards or little things "just because".

13. Filipino ladies equate domestic responsibility with being a good wife (or potentially a good wife). Acknowledge her for cooking, and for her hard work at home.

14. Serve your girlfriend in front of her parents - it will make them like you more.

15. In a date, men have to pay for dinners, shows, and other expenses. Only highly educated Filipino ladies will offer to go dutch or buy a token drink.
"MANO PO" a Filipino way of showing respect to the elders

16. Appreciate the close family ties.

17. Understand the Filipino ladies are often very religious.

18. Show respect for the elderly.

19. Her BIRTHDAY and VALENTINE'S DAY (February 14) are very very important. If you remember your girlfriend's family's birthday that would be even better.


A foreign man dating a Filipina

1. Loving, romantic, caring

2. Puts family first before money.

3. Religious

4. Believes in a one-man one-woman relationship.

5. Understanding and patient and supportive.

6. Flexible personality. Optimistic.

7. Excellent home keeper.

8. Educated.

9. Offers very high respect to partners or provider in the family.

10. Adores partner that makes them complain less.

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