Scared Of Commitment

Commitment is a very strong word. Some people (especially guys) see prison bars when they hear this word. Commitment isn’t such a bad thing. Presently, if you are seriously committed to someone you know what I mean. If you’re still too damn scared and believing in the totally misogynistic “Why buy the cow?” catch phrase then listen up. Most people who are afraid of commitment end up alone. Believe it or not, being scared of commitment is probably the topmost reason why singletons remain singletons for the rest of their lives.

Commitment is not the opposite of freedom. Committed people have a very profound understanding of love and all it entails. Committed people are happy to commit. Your promise is also the other person’s promise. The best part about promising your heart to someone is that you’re someone also promises her/his heart to you. Being promised to be the only passion in a person’s life is the best gift a person can give you. Just think of the number of people still seeking for love – those who have tried and fails, those who have tried some more, only to fail again.

Think about the value of fidelity. When other people start getting bored with their long time partners, you get more and more passionate. Fidelity is about being with only one person for the rest of your life. The value of fidelity is that you receive the same loyalty, too. Being in a relationship requires being exclusive with one another. This shouldn’t be too hard. If the person you love is the one you already have, could you want anyone else?

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