Your Promises

Once you sit and stare deep into my eyes
Say all your dreams and hope for us
It was perfectly planned and felt like a dream
Turns out it is only a dream 

Now a time from that night
There you are living your life
Here I am living a lie
Acting like those words are true  

Now that all of those dreams and hopes of yours are coming true
I ran and hide in my shelter as I see
That it's not going to be me standing there with you

I heard about your pride and joy
But have you heard about my agony and pain?
I also heard about how proud she is to you
But have you ever heard how torn I am toward you? 

I saw her smiles and how she praise you
I heard how you love her and hold her
How it clear that you've forgotten about me
About your life that was suppose to have me in it

They say time heals all wounds
They say i should go on and move on
But I'll wait here for you
Just in case you remember about your promises to me
And give me an answer
Is all I need to know.

Let's Be Friends

Elle's Notebook