How To Be A Better Couple

I have here a list of ten steps that you might want to read and understand the things that I am trying convey for you to enjoy each others’ company better.

1. Be realistic about each other.
Don’t try to turn your partner into something he or she is not. Let’s face it, guys – there’s only one Pamela Anderson in the world, and even if she had her implants removed. Give your girl a break and understand that her physical appearance is NOT going to change overnight with the help of a few facials or treatments. And ladies – Brad Pitt has already been taken, so you’re going to have to do it with what your guy likes. Chill out! Love each for what you are. There is more to your partner than what meets the eye.

2. Always talk things out.
Now guys, I know this is not your favorite pastime or mode of resolving issues, but you know what? This works with the girls. Don’t make assumptions about each other’s feelings. Learn to express yourself better, so that your partner understands what you’re angry about, what hurts her feelings, or even happy about. When you stop talking to each other from the heart, it’s the beginning of the end.

3. Do stuff together.
Make an effort to do things together. Do some sports or involve each other in some shared activities. Something both of you enjoys or is interested in. It could be as simple as watching movies together, or just strolling hand-in-hand at the park. Watch soccer with him once in a while though the green patch on TV puts you to sleep in 3 seconds. And guys, do give in if your girl asks for another day at window-shopping, rather than suggest that she go out with her girlfriends for “that sort of activities” instead. If you’re spending more time with your friends rather than with your partner, it’s la warning sign that you’re drifting apart.

4. Meet each other halfway.
If he agrees to throw out that rotten T-shirt with the “The Rock” print, you should not kick up much of a fussed if he asks you to keep your room tidy. There’s got to be a little giving and taking in relationship, so learn to meet each other halfway.

5. Show your love.
Buy her flowers, candies, or perfume every now and then, even if you have been together for 5 years. It’s wonderful to continue showing someone that you care for him or her. Cook him a special meal or paint him a Valentine’s Day card. Knit him mini-socks he can’t wear (like for decoration purposes), buy him a packet of milk for breakfast, or pack his wardrobe for him, so he knows you can still be romantic and loving despite having been together for a while.

6. Respect each other.
Stop making jokes about her hair or skin, or whatever it is you love to laugh at. Ask yourself if she thinks if it’s funny or not. And is he has an inferiority complex about his height, stopped ogling at tall guys and made him feel worse about himself. Love is all about respecting each other’s feelings and being sensitive to one another at all times.

7. Bury the past.
Stop bringing up the past. Girls, don’t bring up the happy things about you and your ex to your guy. It would just make him jealous and unhappy. And guys, don’t talk about the happy times that you had with your ex or mention about her in your every other sentence as it would make your girl feel unhappy and she might think that you’re saying all this because you are going to get back with your ex or not interested in her anymore.

8. Sit on your jealousy.
All of us go through spells of insecurity at the beginning of the relationship, but don’t translate that insecurity into jealousy. If you’re going to go through your partner’s mail and cupboard, or eavesdropping on conversations which you know that something is wrong – with you! Jealousy is like a poison that slowly spreads through the relationship before finally killing it. Trust your partner, love has to have trust in it.

9. Keep your commitment to each other.
If your partner is standing you up all the time and cancelling dates or breaking promises, you guys need to talk! If you’re in a relationship, make your partner as your priority and don’t disappoint them if you can help it. It’s really terrible when someone promises to take you to dinner and then calls you to cancel it. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. If your partner starts to feel that he or she is not important enough to you, well, I am telling you this – you might just going to lose her or him.

10. Always be honest.

Honesty is not scowling at how awful she looks first thing in the morning, or telling him that he has the biceps of a fly. When we say “always be honest” - what we mean is by expressing your feelings clearly towards your partner, not being bitingly cruel. When you’re hurt, say it, and when you’re angry, tell him or her without getting hysterical. If you can’t be honest with your partner, who can you be honest with? Love is all about honesty. A relationship where honesty does not exist would probably not worth it and eventually it will be the end of your love story.

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