Know Him Completely

Your Best Guide to Understanding Men

We have heard time and again that "a good man is hard to find." Many women agree with that saying, and in their eagerness to find Mr. Right, they have resorted to constructing images of the perfect man inside their heads.

But your dream man is a lot different from the men you meet in real life. Your dream man exists only in your imagination (or on the pages of your favourite romance novel), which means that if you're waiting for him to materialize right in front of you, you're wasting time. True, some men have all the qualities you may be looking for - good looks, intelligence, sensitivity, wealth - but those lucky creatures are rare, and most of them are already committed to somebody else. Why bother waiting for that perfect fantasy man when you can have a fulfilling relationship with a real one?

Remember, though, that there's no easy way to a happy and stable relationship. It takes time, effort, and a lot of patience. Sometimes it requires a complete change in perspective. With a little help, you can change your attitude towards men and relationships.

KNOW HIM COMPLETELY is to help women understand the qualities of men in order to maintain a happy and lasting relationship with them. You will learn to appreciate men as complex human beings, not merely as images of perfection that we tend to create in our minds. Just like us, men have feelings. They are capable of happiness and sadness, loving and hating, And just like us, they want to be accepted for their true selves. 

CHAPTER 1 - Appreciate THE MALE Body

From Boys to Men

⇨ Teens and Physical Changes

⇨ Is He a Man Yet?

⇨ How to Know If a Man is Mature?

CHAPTER 2 - Understand MEN, Dating and Sex

⇨ Growing Up with Male (and Female Friends)

⇨ Relationship Puzzles

⇨ Dating Details

⇨ Finding True Love

⇨ A Man is Serious About You If...

⇨ Saying "I Love You"

⇨ Secret About Men and Sex


⇨ Men and Their Social Roles

⇨ Man's Need for Friendship

⇨ Choosing The Right Partner

⇨ Beware of Bad Behaviour

⇨ Why Marriage Is Important?

⇨ Why Does Love Fades?

⇨ Can a Marriage Be Saved?

CHAPTER 4 - Recognize HIS Maleness

⇨ Answer the WHYS

⇨ Answer the WHATS

⇨ Know the WHENS and HOWS


⇨ Reach Out to Him

⇨ How to Relate to Difficult Feelings?

⇨ Common Mistakes Women Commit

⇨ The Key to Communicating with Men

⇨ The Key to A Lasting Relationship

The success of your relationship depends upon how you deal with your man in all his complexity. This has provided an overview of men's character traits, so that you'll be able to relate with them even before you choose a lifetime partner. By applying the insights and by bearing in mind that men are different from women, you will be better prepared to start and sustain a happy relationship.

Remember that love is the foundation of a strong relationship. Without love, it is impossible to proceed. That's why you must accept that love has different seasons. Sometimes love flows easily and spontaneously, at other times it requires extra effort. You cannot expect your partner to love at all times - and the same is true in your case. Sometimes, your heart is full of love and at other times it is empty. If you can deal with such changing seasons, then you're ready for a serious relationship.

However, you also have to understand that too much idealism is out of place in a healthy relationship between a woman and a man. Nobody is perfect, so don't expect your man to meet overly high standards. Set realistic expectations, and treat your partner fairly.

Men and women are created equal, but they have distinct differences in personality and behaviour. By acknowledging that you and your man are different but complementary will you become a loving and considerate partner. 

Author: Jenny King

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