Tresses Under The Sun

Ladies, the sizzling heat of the sun is here as summer is fast approaching. I guess each one of us try to anticipate the fun and a feeling of delight every summer. I would say that this is definitely the best time to treat your tresses to a beach friendly and summer ready hairstyles.       


If you are trying to keep your hair away from your face, braiding your hair is the best way to do it. Plus, it helps you to cool down and it will give you a nice, sexy wind blown hair when unwinding the braid after a couple of hours later. Just make sure to use a conditioner that would protect or minimize the damage of your hair under the heat of the sun.


Wearing your hair down with a sexy wavy style would definitely make the most of it. The salt water would bring out the texture of your wavy hair, but make sure to coat your hair with some conditioner or a hair moisturizing product that would shield it from too much sun exposure. Always remember that your hair is prone to sun damage especially if you're on the beach.


Girls would end up tying their hair up especially if they feel hot. There's a better way in doing it by giving your ponytail with some kind of a twist. You can add a few curls at the ends of your hair and wear it high at the crown of you head. This will definitely give you a happy and youthful look. Always remember, that tying your hair while its still wet is a no-no because this could damage your hair strands.


Girl, if you don't want you hair to get all messed up especially if you're going on a hot and windy road trip. The best thing to do is wrapped up your hair with a fashionable scarf or a colourful turban scarf. This will not only protect your hairstyle, but this could also make you look like a glamour chic. Just make sure to spray your hair with one of your favourite fragrance on the hair and scalp before wrapping it with your scarf, because the heat from your scalp blends in with the fragrant scent and leave your hair smelling fresh.

Well, it wouldn't hurt to explore so may things with you hair especially if you want to look  your best and be as fashionable as you can be. Enjoy the heat of the summer sun.

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