Wedding Guest Etiquette #14 - Having Conversation

DO listen to the speeches

If the reception program includes speeches, please don't talk to your seatmates or talk on your cellphone while a speech is in progress. Although, the speeches could be boring or sometimes can be sentimental in a way, these speeches mean a lot to the couple. The least thing that you do as a guest is to listen and show some respect because this could be very meaningful for everyone.

DON'T make the reception as a sales office

A wedding reception is not a place to sell life insurance policy, make-up products, or anything else. A wedding is not composed of sales products, but instead it is made up of people who want to witness and be a part of the couple's beautiful celebration. The wedding suppliers are discreet about this and you should do the same. It would be inappropriate to do such things in any formal occasion.

DON'T talk forever

Make a point of saying hello to the bride and groom, but keep your conversation short, so that they can make their rounds and maybe even have the time to get a bite or two of all the food they picked out. Oh, and speaking of chatting, refrain from complaining about how long it took you to get to the wedding or how awful the weather was during the ceremony or how horrible the celebration turned out to be. Please, refrain from saying unpleasant things during the wedding. They don't deserve to hear that. If you can't say anything nice, just don't say anything at all.

DO make sure you personally thank the couple when leaving

When you leave the reception (especially if you have to leave early), be sure to approach the couple and personally thank them for having you on their special day before leaving. Most of the wedding guests forget this little token of good manners and it is the gesture that the couple appreciates the most.

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