Wedding Guest Etiquette #13 - The Guestbook

DO sign the guestbook

Yes, it may seem cheesy, but the wedding celebration could oftentimes be blurry especially for the couple as they have to deal with so many things on their wedding day. They would greatly appreciate if you sign their guestbook because they would like to remember everyone who attended their wedding. It is where grandparents sign with a loving message to the newlyweds and where your college friends make reference to an inside joke that's still funny. Like a photo your guestbook gathers a record of everyone at your wedding in one place. It is something to keep and look back on for years to come. 

A SIMPLE NOTE to the Bride and Groom: Put the guestbook on a table and make sure it is placed in a very obvious place by the entrance to the reception. If your guests see it, they will sign it before heading to their seats.

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