Wedding Guest Etiquette #12 - Socialize with The Guests

DO participate in the reception program

For the guests who are still single, if you are invited to be a part of the bouquet or garter toss, just stand up and go where the couple asks you to go. Indulge yourself and be a part of the program. Try not to waste the time of the couple especially when the reception program is going on. Ladies, you don't need to pretend that you don't want to have the bouquet when you are elbowing everyone out of the way as the bride tosses bouquet.

DO party!

Many brides and grooms have an irrational fear of their guests not having a good time at the reception. Give them some peace of mind by getting out on the dance floor and try to mingle with new friends. Smile no matter how tired and exhausted you are. Even if you're not in the mood to socialize with other guests, just go with the flow and see where the evening takes you.

DON'T get wasted

While a wedding is a time to enjoy drinks at the bar and having a good time, don't abuse it. No one appreciates a drunken guest embarrassing themselves and making the bride and groom's wedding reception a chore. Drink alcohol in moderation.

Let's Be Friends

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