Wedding Guest Etiquette #3 - Giving a Gift


Money gift to the couple

DO give a gift to the couple

In today's modern society, the average soon-to-be-wed couples would prefer monetary gifts as to any other gifts. This being said, it is the purpose of making life much easier for the guests to know what the couple really want, unless they indicate it on their invitation.

If you are not comfortable giving cash as a gift, there is always the option of picking a gift from a registry store. The soon-to-be-wed couple spends a lot of time picking and choosing the items they would prefer from their registry because they plan on actually using them later on. You could always ask the couple where they are registered, such as Bridal Registry, and choose from what was listed under their name at the store. By doing this, you are doing them and yourself a favor to buy from their registry. If you are unable to attend the wedding, it is a customary to still send a wedding gift to the couple.

Bringing large gifts to the wedding

DON'T bring a large gift to the wedding

As a guest, you should be aware that between taking down the decoration, trying to remember to hand out the tips for their suppliers, and saying goodbye to all of theirs guests, the last thing the bride and groom and their families need to worry about at the end of the reception is trying to figure out on how to fit all their gifts in the car. At least, save them the trouble by shipping your huge gift directly to their home.

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