Wedding Guest Etiquette #2 - Bringing a Date

Bringing a Date
DON'T assume you can bring a date
Unless it specifies "and GUEST" on the invitation, you should be attending the event by yourself if the invitation bears only your name on it. Bringing unexpected guest(s) is very impolite. And no, DO NOT call the bride and ask if you could bring a date. If bringing guest(s) were within their budget, the could would have extended the extra invitation. Don't put friends on the spot and spare the couple that trouble. You wouldn't know if their "YES" really means a yes or no.

DON'T bring your kids
The invitation is addressed to "Mr. and Mrs." unless otherwise stated "and FAMILY"as indicated on the invitation. Most weddings usually don't invite children because they get bored and cranky. Formal events such as weddings are not appropriate for the little ones. Also, inviting a child at the reception means two mouths to feed.

Bringing your kids to the wedding

If you are allowed to bring your kids to the wedding even if they are not part of the bridal entourage, make sure you have them under your control. A wedding is a celebration of a new life together for the couple, not of your children.

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