I Want You To...

Written by: Maria Elouisa Enerlan
Date Written: July 5, 2013

I want you to unexpectedly hug me from behind and feel your arms around me.

I want you to give me your hoodie even when you are wearing it because I feel cold.

I want you to hold real tight and make sure that you keep me warm through the night.

I want you to cuddle with me and watch movies together, until we fall asleep and TV is still on.

I want you to kiss me while we’re standing in the middle of the crossroad.

I want you to go out of the house and play with me in the rain.

I want you to hold my hands and play with my fingers.

I want you to play with my hair and do different kinds of stuff with it.

I want you to take amazing photos with me whether it could something romantic or silly as long as we’re together.

I want you to come to my house to meet my family and have dinner with them.

I want you to lay on my bed with me and hold me close, so that I could feel the beating of your heart.

I want you to let me dress you up like a girl and make you look silly.

I want you to watch sunrise with me and embrace the beauty of life around us.

I want you to give me piggy back rides daily and would not complain if I am heavy.

I want you to look me in the eye and kiss my nose as you slowly kiss my passionately.

I want you to wipe my tears away and make me feel that everything will be alright.

I want you to tell me that you miss me already even if we were together five minutes ago.

I want you to drop everything you are carrying the moment you see me and hug me really tight.

I want you to take me in a nice secluded place and we will have a nice picnic together.

I want you to snuggle with me while we’re watching a movie in the theater.

I want you to squeeze me as hard as you can when you hug me and give me lots of kisses.

I want you to have a happy smile on your face every time you see me.

I want you to know how much I love you and I am grateful of the special kind of love you shared with me.

And all I want to do is to let you know that you’re all I want in my life and I’ll spend every single moment of my days with you.

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